Few Buck Chucks is a small, family-owned*, e-retailer operating in Louisville, Kentucky. We don’t always have things for sale, but when we do, you’ll find them on this site and on Facebook Marketplace. Everything on our site is limited quantity and all sales are final. If you find a cheaper price, let us know! We probably can’t match it, but it never hurts to ask, right!?

We try to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum and if your order total is more than $20 (pre-tax) we’ll cover the shipping cost. And this isn’t Shamazon, so you’re not going to get your package five minutes after you order it. You should have it within a week. If you don’t, no worries. Just reach out and we’ll try to help track it down.

Okay… happy shopping!

*By small, family-owned, I really mean that one guy does everything. I’m a dad and a husband who is trying to save a bit for my kids’ college fund by selling some stuff online.